NOMAD is a nonprofit educational 501c(3) organization affiliated with the Country Dance and Song Society.

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  • Foster, preserve and promote broader understanding of, participation in and appreciation of the cultural values represented by the surviving folk arts and traditional forms of artistic expression that have prevailed through the historical development of the New England States and which constitute an important aspect of New England’s present-day heritage
  • Maintain particular emphasis on traditional folk dances, their associated music and customs, as these have evolved in New England and in the Nation, with appropriate emphasis on the historic American, British, Native American and other origins of these historical art forms
  • Develop, foster, promote and conduct events, festivals and other appropriate cultural activities for pursuing the above-stated purposes for the benefit of children, youths and adults via the public schools, civic and cultural organizations, and such other forms as may be appropriate from time to time
  • Promote, foster and encourage cooperative effort in pursuit of these purposes of all types of organizations oriented to folk dances, music and the traditional arts
  • Pursue development of specific mechanisms that may encourage such cooperative efforts, stability and growth by clubs, groups, organizations and other bodies oriented to the traditional arts
  • Develop, promote and encourage ways and means of providing appropriate recognition and public honors to individuals who embody and represent living preservation of the New England folk arts, traditions and forms of artistic expression
  • Collect, develop and provide materials, publications, audio and video productions relating to folk dances and music, folk traditions and expressions, and to aid, support and assist by gifts, contributions or otherwise, other organizations, community chests, funds and foundations organized exclusively for charitable, cultural, scientific, literary or educational purposes