Membership & Volunteering

Membership supports the Festival and helps to ensure its survival

  • Membership helps to support the festival and ensure its survival
  • Members receive discounted Festival admission, an occasional newsletter, and an early copy of the schedule grid
  • Cost of membership
    • A one-year membership is $7/person, $11/family (those living under the same roof)
    • A three-year membership is $18/person, $28/family
  • Please make checks payable to NOMAD, mark them “for membership,” and mail them to
NOMAD Membership
c/o Amy Eppler-Epstein
90 Sugar Loaf Rd
Guilford, CT  06437

Volunteers are what make NOMAD work!  Please sign up to serve as a volunteer!

  • NOMAD is an all-volunteer festival – there is no paid staff, and all performers and organizers donate their time and talents
  • To volunteer, please phone us at 860-355-9029, or email us.
  • NOMAD is run by volunteers, and the performers are all volunteers as well.  To make the Festival function smoothly, we need 50-75 people per year to sign up in advance for 1-3 hours of work on NOMAD weekend.  There are jobs for everyone, from set-up to selling tickets to sweeping the dance floor.  In appreciation of your signing up in advance, we offer a discount on admission of $10 per hour worked, up to three hours.  Sorry, the discount is not transferable.
  • We usually have slots to fill, right up to the Festival days, so you are welcome to sign up last-minute as part of your Festival experience.

Festival Job Descriptions

  • Shoe Patrol – At least one every hour each gym is in use.  Two required for busiest hours of festival (e.g., Saturday 11-6), and/or when the weather is really bad.  Help protect the gym floors by checking for inappropriate footwear.  Mats and brushes provided (self-service).  Wall signs telling people to watch their footwear will assist you.
  • Floor Sweeper – Someone to sweep gym floor between dances at least every other hour.  Ideal for someone who doesn’t want to miss any dancing, since it occurs only BETWEEN dance sessions.  Sweepers do 3 sweeps per hour credit, starting ten minutes before the assigned hour, so their assignment may seem longer than most.
  • Set-up / Take-down – On Friday and/or Sunday of Festival weekend, assists site supervisor prepare the site for the festival and return the site to pre-festival status.  Helps place signage, tables, chairs, clocks, sound equipment, etc.  Good for someone who doesn’t want to miss any of the festival.  Reports to the site manager (Ada) or the Craft Chair (Steve).  Only limited number of slots available.
  • Performer Sales – Assists at the table where performers bring their wares for sale at the festival.  Handles money, keeps records of sales.
  • Instrument Check – Assists in the check room, exchanging music instruments for tickets, and matching ticket to instrument when the owners come to pick them up
  • Registration – Assists at the ticket sales table.  This is the first contact with the festival for most attendees.  Handles money, hands out badges, grid, and booklet.  Guidance available.
  • Sound (experienced only, please) – Case needs experienced sound tech people for set-up, running boards, and take-down of equipment and keyboards.  If you aren’t sure what we’re talking about, chances are this is not for you.
  • Food Court – During busy times, helps customers negotiate the food vending area.  Other times, takes care of recycle containers, wipes tables, and generally keeps the cafeteria looking good.  Familiarize yourself with the locations and offerings of the five vendors, so you can point them out when asked.  Introduce yourself to the kitchen staffperson, who will be able to help you find towels, bucket, and water with which to clean tables.  Recyclables can be collected in plastic bags from various points in the cafeteria, and taken to the rear of the kitchen.
  • Kids’ Crafts – Spends time helping kids have fun by being creative with the materials on hand.  Encourages the kids, replenishes supplies from the stash, cleans up, and plays!
  • Other – Take pot luck, we get to fill you in where we need you, doing whatever we need you to do, and when we need it done.